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ΕΚΟ KINITRON is different from usual petrol due to the use of hi-tech additives with combined action, more specifically :


EKO Unleaded 95EKONOMY

  • Clean the inlet valves resulting in an improvement in engine performance
  • Protect the engine from wear and tear
  • Are more human and environmentally friendly (fewer exhaust fumes)
  • Save on fuel


EKO Unleaded 100 Speed

  • Superior unleaded petrol 100 octane with additives
  • Meets the specifications of 2009 as it contains low-level sulphur (10 ppm, that is, 5 times lower than the state specification)
  • Gives increased power mainly in extreme driving conditions (high revs, heavy loads)
  • Helps extend the life of the catalytic converter (low sulphur content)
  • Cleans the inlet valves resulting in maintenance / improvement in performance
  • Friendly to humans and the environment (reduction in quantity and quality of fumes)
  • Protects the engine from wear and tear


EKO Diesel Plus

  • Diesel with the best hi-tech additives
  • Cleaner injection jets and engine
  • Reduced exhaust fumes
  • Gradual improvement in engine performance
  • Fuel economy
  • Protection of diesel cycle (pump, jets etc.) from corrosion resulting in a reduction of maintenance costs
  • Lower «freezing» temperature