Call Skiathos: +30 24270 24055
Call Karpenisi: +30 6972 326 892

ΕΚΟ ΑΒΕΕ also handles the new fortified heating oil with fuel catalyst, which guarantees better heating performance at a lower cost.


The new fortified heating oil is Economical, Good quality and Environmentally Friendly, as it offers:
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Better burner performance
  • Reduced consumption
  • Much improved combustion
  • Reduced black smoke
  • Reduced sediment in the burner


Ordering EKO heating oil you are guaranteed:
  • instant delivery within a few hours of your order
  • at EKO’s low prices, you will get quality service from our fully-trained staff
  • complete control of your order with the ΕΚΟ Control System.


Consumers in Skiathos and Karpenisi can obtain heating oil from EKO by calling the numbers that are placed in the top right corner of the page.